Last week was so rushed.
I just started fallout shelter on my new sony xperia z5 green. I ordered it on the sony site, and still had to call customer service because it wasn't delivered. I really like my new phone, I bought a Ringke case for it.

I also recently traveled to Tokyo and spent a lot of money at Sekaido - approximately $600 AUD. Fountain pen ink and pens are much cheaper there then in Australia. I bought all the J.Herbin 1970 shiny ink,I still haven't tested them yet.

Last week a lot of things happened, only today do I really have a day off.

Ah nearly christmas
Hello, been so long since I've been on livejournal. Been busy with uni this whole year - and was able to make it out alive haha.

Butler engrish~

This engrish was found on a ‘butler manual’ written supposedly from an Engrish writer ”James Thayer”. I saw this engrish in ep 1 of Happy Boys a japanese drama about a butler cafe. Starring Seto Koji, Kamakari Kenta and Kamakari Kenta, three boys who are in debt of 70,000 Yen (about $846.25 US dollar) because of a broken dish! Its a pretty old drama – made in 2007 ! I’m pretty bad with reviews and explanation thus i’m only sharing this engrish ! I find engrish to be quite unique and cute! Haha! There is also another actor called Nagashima Shugo who looks like a child in the drama – quite unsettling since he is suppose to play a ‘butler’. Quite a clumsy production team… *cough*

Feeling kinda scared T^T neighbours really loud music turned up and its 11:11pm right now...
So the house on the other street has really really reallly LOUD MUSIC on.... rock music and maybe they are playing Guitar Heroes or something - as i recognise the music... waiting for an old couple to maybe ring up the police as its really late 11:11pm and loud music T___T with screaming drunk men probably ... anyway i go to sleep now ^^ LOL

read DarkSmurf FAQ Guide... and been practicing wth Aegis Subtitle Editor/Maker Program ^^
so while watch ikemen desu ne ep 5 ... my raw of the episode (got it from d-addicts) did not time with the subtitles from DarkSmurf... so i used Aegis SM to edit it (i downloaded the program the day i saw the not synced video ><) and then i realised how hard a timers job can be.... so then i practiced more with other subs (Zenkai Girl :3 ) and i did it :D yeah thats all i had to say XD LOL

Hello Hello :D long time on talk...
So just today i had my japanese reading exam... which i stuffed up T___T i wasted 30 minutes on the first text.. when the teacher said "10 minutes to go" i was like "shit! *turns to text three ad starts on it*" i used up too much time finding every word.... T___T and yeah.... my KIS-MY-FT2 TYPE C single is going to me soon @____@ was shipped two days ago so i don't know how long left... T___T

random blab again XD

recently in this cold and windy winter... i have noticed that i have been showering with just hot water O__O *though it gets a bit too hot sometimes and i put cold water to mix with the hot water*... its such a cold winter T____T As of now… I'm doing my maths tutoring hw.. Differentiation…. *sigh*  nothing new to update.. Just that the weather is crap T^T and that I got a psp to hack.. Anyone know how to make a magic memory stick or how to format the micro SD card into a psp pro Duo memory stick to play on the psp ? .. Oh wait I know now.. But not the magic memory stick part T__T stuck at home on a Sunday.. *sigh* and the weather is crap.. But I have said that already T__T and I still hae school work to do and english tutoring hw… got to write a short story.. If I finish it by this week I might post it on here… :( anyway I 'm just going to go back to work.. :')

Too late now but if anyone wanted to buy OVER singles.... online ;)
Well following my other first post today about my Hey! Say! JUMP  singles i bought them from CD Japan ... so to date i have had two transaction/shopping at CD Japan and have received one box of my stuff >; D (the other stuff doesn't come out till next month... for my friend's birthday present)

By far CDJAPAN is the cheapest goods store i have seen (i only know playasia, cdjapan and yesasia... *cough*)... but you need to pay for shipping.... but for me i ALWAYS get SAL which is the cheapest and longest shipping choice.... (sorry i'm povo.... T___T)

*BY THE WAY i only bought the limited edition 1 and 2... not regular as i dont have that much money T__T

Over [w/ DVD, Limited Edition 1]

$12.12US1 cd, 1 dvdSongs: OVER, OVER (instrumental)
Videos: OVER MV/PV and making

Over [w/ DVD, Limited Edition 2]

$12.12US1 cd, 1 dvdSongs: OVER, Born in the Earth
Videos: Aiing ~ Aishiteru MV/PV

Over [Regular Edition]

$14.55US1 cdSongs:OVER, Aiing ~ Aishiteru, Screw, You Gotta More, OVER (instr.), Screw (instr.), Aiing ~ Aishiteru (instr.), You Gotta More (instr.)

In total i spent $34.42US on the limited 1 and 2 ^^

DealExtreme goodies :3

So today i got given my DealEtreme goodies from my friend J. I bought a Hybrid 2-in-1 Digitally Activated PSP 2000 Unbricker Service + Normal 1200mAh Battery for $5.99US and a SDHC MicroSD/Transflash TF to Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter/Converter (16GB Max) for $1.81US.

The story behind these two items is that... i kinda *gulp* unhacked my close friend P's psp >__> <__< while updating her Custom Firmware (CFW) .... T___T so yeah i'll be receiving P's psp to hack it for her... but... i'm having a hard time finding a way to make a magic memory stick.... I have all thte materials needed to unbrick or hack the psp... but i got no software for it yet T___T i'll be youtubing all of it tomorrow night lol

Finally got my mail T___T ... and not meeting criterias :(
Ok so today I finally got my two limited A & B (or is it 1 & 2 .. hmm) CDs of Hey! Say! JUMP's single OVER ad some other stuff from Deal Extreme (will post later) - at the start of school. My friend J bought it for me but I paid her the money when I said I wanted them…) as I kinda can't buy online stuff >__> <__< *huff huff* ....... So when I got the mail I quickly tried to open it *my friends were like.... "WTF is that…" "Why did you bring mail to school" and etc… I’m too embarrassed to say what it is >__> hey it’s a new school and some of the friends/people around me weren't even friends with me.... we only exchange hellos... they are my friends' friends so.... ) Anyway it came packaged in a box... I quickly used my keys and tried to open it (the sticky tape was hard T___T) one of my close friends M asked if I needed help... by this time my hair was over the place and I tried to hard to cut the tape with my blunt keys… (I told her what it was :3 she my good friend) anyway she cut it opened ¾ of the way then the bell rang T____T
*sigh* oh well the first period was Japanese so I was a bit giddy…. *cough* In Japanese class I brought in my homework which was a booklet on hiragana and katakana and got a chupa chup *can't spell it - it’s a lollypop* one of the boys said the lolly tasted off… so another boy checked the expiry date on the lolly bag …. My teacher Mrs W said she bought them last week at Priceline….. Haha then the date was revealed…. 2010!!! Then the teacher threw out ALL the lollies in the bin T___T 

Anyway a friend of mine who sits next to me, Clara (she is such a beautiful and kind girl *sigh*) just came back from Malaysia from holidays and asked for my book to copy the Japanese notes from. I gave her my book and then went to the teacher's desk to hand in my achievement booklet to sign for doing my holiday homework LOL *cough my school is sad =="* when I came back to my desk and opened my Japanese book… a mechanical pencil came out > ;D *was jumping in joy in the inside* It was a Shaker by Pilot. This type of mechanical pencil Pilot Shaker Pencil H-245) is a very special pencil…. Every Japanese lesson I would ask to borrow her's and just shake it… yeah ^^ so I am very happy she gave it to me ^^ (she said she was thinking about me while in Malaysia ;3)

When the bell rang I went to sit down with my friends and started to open the box again… I asked my friend E for his scissors :D …. *opens the box* Inside the box, there was wasabi colored wrapping paper... then in bubble wrap (at this moment I was fangirling inside and outside >___>) then ... TADAH !!! two of the CDS in their plastic sleeve... *cough* *tears it apart to find the two cds*...... so yeah XD So I kinda got back home at 3:30pm and now it is nearly 6pm here. I just finished looking through the cds/DVDS and yeah.... Hatenai Subs has English subs for the OVER making.... but you need to join the community which means meeting their

· Minimum of 100 comments posted, 10 journal entries, and your last update must be posted not more than one month since you submitted a membership request. We do not want to be strict, but the team members work hard for these projects and we don't want anybody leeching off of that hard work.

*sigh* I should have downloaded/leeched the hard subs BUT I was thinking I might get my cds soon and maybe watch them in raw first or something T____T *sigh* currently I don’t have 10 entries so I’ll be trying my hardest to write meaningful events on this journal.... and be re-posting on my main blogging site on wordpress *cough* bye bye going to go spam write meaningful comments to translations of hsj stuff XD hahahaha XD

So... pm me if you have the links >__> <__< *cough* *sigh* T_____T *writes more entries to get pass this 10 restriction* T___T

Also I maybe starting to translate some HSJ/ Japanese magazines as I bought two this holiday and L (my friend) helped me translate some of the articles…. YEAH right… I know so little kanji… *sigh* T___T


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